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  • Jiangsu Euiomoda Co., Ltd.
    High-tech water-based products
    High boiling point solvent MADE
    Waterborne epoxy resin
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    Curing agent
    Waterborne epoxy resin (universal type)

    Product description:

    Product model, name: EMEP-6801W waterborne epoxy resin (universal type)

    Performance characteristics:

    ● Does not contain APEO, green and environmental protection.

    ●Excellent adhesion, impact strength, flexibility, hardness, etc.

    ● Has good shear stability.

    ● It has good water resistance and super salt spray resistance of more than 500h.

    ●High solidity and low viscosity, with good operability. Wide range of applications, can be applied to metal anti-corrosion zinc-rich primer, intermediate coating and internal coating.

    Product specifications:

    Product test item Technical Parameters Test methods
    1, Appearance Milky white liquid Visual inspection
    2, Solid content % 52±1, 56±1 2g/60min/150°C
    3. Viscosity (100 1/s; 23 °C) mpa s 1000-5000 ISO 3219
    4, Epoxy equivalent g / mol (for solids) 450-550 Hydrochloric acid acetone
    5, Flash point °C >100 ISO 2719
    6, PH value 6-8 Standard test paper method
    7, Particle size μm <1 Laser particle size measurement

    Note: The waterborne epoxy emulsion contains the solvent propylene glycol methyl ether (PM), which is about 5%. The solid content can be ordered and produced according to user's requirements.

    Use characteristics and precautions:

    ● This product has good compatibility with various aqueous amine component curing agents;

    ●This product has excellent adhesion to most metal substrates when it is combined with curing agent.

    ● The bottom, middle and inner surfaces of this product are highly versatile;

    ● In order to achieve the best anti-corrosion effect, it is recommended that the amount of curing agent is 80-90% of stoichiometric amount;

    ● Additives added to the formulation should be proven to not affect the stability of the system before use. For example, the auxiliaries should not contain chemicals that are easily reacted with epoxy groups.

    Storage conditions:

    The product should be stored under dry and ventilated conditions and stored for at least 6 months in a sealed container at 5-23 ° C. To prevent freezing, do not store below 0 °C.

    Packing specification: IBC barrel, 200L plastic drum, or according to the actual needs of customers.

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