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  • Jiangsu Euiomoda Co., Ltd.
    High-tech water-based products
    High boiling point solvent MADE
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    MADE high boiling point solvent MADE

    MADE (DBE) is mixture of dibasic acid ester. It is biodegradable solvent with low toxicity, a little odor. It can be used in coating industry and other fields.

      MADE has following advantages:

    1. Low toxicity, low odor, low water content.

    2.Powerful solvency to polyurethane resin, acrylic resin, polyester resin, alkyd resin and epoxies resin.

    3. With good leveling property which can improve glossy

    4. High boiling point, long distillation range.

    5. To improve flexibility and adhesion.

    6. Has favorable levelling property.

    7. It can improve the covering power of pigment in some industrial coatings.

    8. Favorable stability.

    9. Clean steam and high heat value of burning (BTU).

    Main uses

    I. Solvent

    II. Various coatings

    In addition, MADE can be used in cleaning agent, paint remover and industrial cleaning agent.

    Chemical performance

    MADE is very stable in common temperature and humidity and with the classic property of functional group of ester, including saponification and hydrolyzation reaction. The reaction of ester interchanging can change the products of ester into the useful reagent for plasticizer and other products of polyester.

    Technical information:


    No special requirements on store. No causticity and photochemical reaction, classified as harmless materials and non-tinder, which may be store in common iron drum.

    Technical index

    1  Appearance                                colorless transparent liquid

    2  Ester content (wt%)                     ≥99.6

    3  Methyl alcohol (wt%)                       <0.1

    4  Water content (wt%)                     ≤0.07

    5  Acid value (mg KOH/g)                 ≤0.07

    6  Specific gravity (20℃)                     1.080~1.090

    7  Distillation range (℃)                        190~228

    8  Viscosity (20℃mm2/s)              2.3~2.6

    9  Flash point (P-Mi method 20℃)             100

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